Drop off your bike at the shop. How will this work?

This is by appointment ONLY.

  1. By telephone – ring 01325 788857 & we will take the customer and service details and log it and arrange a day and time slot for you to bring your bike to the shop
  2. By Facebook – Visit our Facebook page to arrange an appointment.
  3. On arrival, call 01325 788857, place your bike at the door and stand back a minimum of  & we wil provide you with an initial quote.
  4. We will collect your bike from the door and leave you a receipt for the bike, once the mechanic has retrieved the bike and stood at a safe social distance you then may collect the receipt.
  5. The mechanic will conduct the service and repair and if on assessment it needs more work or it will cost more than quoted we will contact you and agree progress
  6. On completion we will contact you to arrange collection and take an immediate payment card payment only, payment conducted over the phone
  7. The collection process will be as follows:
    1. Ring 01325 788857 on arrival at the shop.
    2. Stand back from the door at least 2m.
    3. The mechanic will place the bike at the door with the receipt attached
    4. If there are any advisories for the customer, this will be discussed / explained whilst still maintaining the 2metre social distance
    5. Once the mechanic has moved away to the required distance you can collect your bike / receipt.

To all NHS & Key Care Workers we appreciate your valiant work and we want to support you in any way we can by offering free bike loans.

Simply call us on 01325 788857 or through
our Facebook page, then we will guide through how to get the bike.

(If there are any businesses our there that could help us by making a small donation towards the cost of this it will be truly appreciated but we understand how difficult times are for all of us)

Please visit our online SHOP to buy any bikes online.

Please call 01325 788857 if you’d like to purchase any bike accessories and we’ll take payment by phone and arrange postage.